The Average Person Can’t Win This Pub Quiz With More Than 50%

A true expert in pub trivia has some knowledge of everything! Now let’s put everyone’s knowledge to the test to discover how much each person actually knows, or believes they know. How many well-known TV programmes air annually? Plenty! How many of these shows can you identify just by looking at a picture? A true pub champion can quickly and easily detect famous TV shows.

Additionally, this test will include inquiries about athletes, foods, musical artists, logos, and celebrities! With social media readily available at our fingertips 24 hours a day, keeping up with well-known celebrities is simpler than ever in 2019. People who frequently eat out, buy food for themselves and their friends to consume, and understand how vital it is to savour each bite of a meal have no trouble learning everything there is to know about food! It’s also critical to be able to recognise well-known company logos. Let’s see who has knowledge that is above average!

  • Question of

    Name this popular TV show..

    Stranger Things
    • Stranger Things
    • Weirder Things
    • Awkward Things
    • Spooky Things
  • Question of

    What country is the cheeseburger credited as having originated?

    • Colorado
    • California
    • New York
    • Idaho
  • Question of

    Identify this logo….

    • Toyota
    • Tesla
    • Toblerone
    • TVS Motor
  • Question of

    Name this popular TV show…?

    • The 100
    • The End
    • The Win
    • The Star
  • Question of

    Who is this celeb?

    • Nicki Minaj
    • Cardi B.
    • Mary J. Blige
    • Lil’ Kim
  • Question of

    What type of pie is this…?

    Key lime pie
    • Key lime pie
    • Lemon meringue pie
    • Citrus blend pie
    • Cream pie
  • Question of

    What food is most frequently ordered in the US?

    Fried chicken
    • Fried chicken
    • French fries
    • Pizza
    • Cheeseburgers
  • Question of

    Name this popular TV show..?

    • Grey’s Anatomy
    • Scrubs
    • ER
    • The Good Doctor
  • Question of

    Identify this logo..?

    • Domino’s
    • Little Caesars
    • Pizza Hut
  • Question of

    Which animals never sleep..?

    • Bullfrog
    • Owl
    • Starfish
    • Goldfish
  • Question of

    Who was the opponent who handed Muhammad Ali his first professional boxing loss?

    Jacob Frazier
    • Joe Frazier
    • Joshua Frazier
    • Jimmy Frazier
    • Jacob Frazier
  • Question of

    The most popular pizza topping is..?

    • Pepperoni
    • Mushrooms
    • Meatballs
    • Peppers
  • Question of

    Identify this logo..?

    • Nike
    • Picasa
    • Puma
    • FedEx
  • Question of

    Name this exotic fruit!

    • Robuster
    • Rambutan
    • Ralodian
    • Robotin
  • Question of

    Who is this celeb?

    Miley Cyrus
    • Demi Lovato
    • Miley Cyrus
    • Camilla Cabello
    • Billie Eilish

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